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During our Mental Health Pop Up Gyms, we offer 15 mins consultations with local therapists that you can sign up to see.

Mental Health Pop-Up Gym

What is Teranga?

Through C-QUL, we provide no-cost mental health care for Macon-Bibb county through our Teranga initiative. Teranga is a Wolof word that means hospitality. It is our approach to treat the whole person. We engage in a systemic approach to wellbeing and being mentally healthy.

Removing all barriers to mental health services thru this no-cost model associated with mental health

  • Through the matching process, we provide specific needs


We believe mental services shouldn't be denied because you can't afford them.

We believe mental health services are basic needs like food& shelter.







Booker T Washington Center
Brookdale Resource Center
Bloomfield Gilead
Rosa Jackson Center
Wednesdays 9am-5pm
Southern Center for Choice Theory
For  residents only
By appointment only
*Virtual option available
Memorial Gym
By appointment only
Counselor available upon request
Elaine H Lucas Senior Center
Fridays 9am-5pm
Saturdays 10 am-3pm
Tubman Museum
In partnership with the RULE afterschool program in partnership with the Tubman Museum.
No-cost counseling is available at these locations below by appointment only

How to Sign Up  for Therapy