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How to Support the Macon Mental Health Matters Initiative

It is the desire of this project to impact the community by: 

We would love to partner with you. Learn more about how to partner with us below.

Enhance the parenting skills of at least 300 low income families in Macon

Increase the numbers of families who are familiar with IECMH and its significance to long-term health

IECMH= infant, early, childhood mental health

Create and or activate spaces and locations for access to mental wellness services to Increase access to services for a number of individuals (300) with mild mental disturbances

Increase the awareness about available no-cost mental wellness services.

Raising Awareness

Increasing Individual Impact

Familiarizing Community with the Concept of IECMH

Increasing Access to Parenting Resources





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Ways to Support the Macon Mental Health Matters Initiative

Image by Claudio Schwarz


What does it mean to be a partner?

How to become a partner?

If you've answered yes to every question on the left, take some time to fill out this application.

We deeply care for the community we are serving. Therefore we find it very important for organizations we work with to answer the following questions before the partnership gets approved by our board.

  • Is my organization intentional about being culturally competent?

  • Is my organization intentional about not causing harm to this community?

  • Is my organization intentional about being trauma informed?

Image by Kaleidico

Our  Partners

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If you've answered no to any of the questions, we have training available  

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